Jordan Peterson (Hair Jordan)

phone: 612-860-0682

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Jordan Peterson is the owner and creator of the Paramount Barbering brand. He specializes in textured haircuts and longer tops blended into tight crisp fades. His favorite haircut to do is the slick back. Jordan created the shop with clients' growing need for an appointment in mind, eliminating long wait times common in other barber shops. Only willing to put barbers in his shop who take their time and take their craft seriously, he chose a team of like-minded barbers to provide the best experience possible for everyone who walks through the doors. 

Luis Garcia

phone: 515-771-1974

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Luis Garcia is one of the most well rounded and diverse barbers in the city of Des Moines, specializations including complex designs, fades, tapers, traditional and modern barbering, and all hair types. He also offers semi-permanent color enhancement on facial hair and hairlines and is well-known for being one of the best in the area with the straight razor. Come see Luis for a one-of-a-kind experience. 


Zach Bogle 

phone: 641-856-7203

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Zach Bogle specializes in a wide variety of styles from modern crisp haircuts like side-parts and undercuts, to flat-tops and older gentlemen's haircuts found in traditional barbering. Zach relocated to Des Moines and left his hometown of Centerville, IA to come join the team at Paramount Barbering. Zach believes in Paramount's mission to advance into the modern age of appointments and gives people the great service they deserve. Zach does a great hot shave and is skilled in using the straight razor.  Book an appointment now with one of the youngest licensed barbers in the state who cuts like a veteran! 


Paul Huber

phone - 515-208-1444

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Paul started at Paramount after working at the barbershop in the Skywalk downtown. He built up a loyal and dedicated clientele that was ready to follow him into the next phase of his career at Paramount. Paul is known for his attention to detail and will not let an imperfect haircut leave his chair. He is dedicated to customer satisfaction and makes a special connection with everyone who becomes his client. He is well versed in modern and traditional styles, crisp lines and straight razor face shaves. Book an appointment now and see why his clients are so dedicated to him and what he does. 


Jay Wendt 

phone - 319-621-9232

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Jay recently graduated from the barber college in Des Moines and started immediately at Paramount, where a chair had been reserved for him to join the team. Jay is extremely passionate about hair and being a barber. He mentored with Jordan throughout his time in barber college, and has taken multiple classes in and out of state to to accelerate his skills to be ready to go full speed when he graduated. He enjoys many forms of haircutting, from women's undercuts to traditional side parts and fades. Whether you are an older gentlemen or someone young and trendy, Jay has you covered if you get in his chair. Book with Jay today!

Keagan Wiederin

phone - 515-554-0450

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Keagan recieved his barbering license in Des Moines from the American College of Hairstyling in October of 2016, starting at Paramount after finishing his program. Paramount was only a 5 chair shop, but after seeing how talented Keagan was, they couldn't imagine the team without him and a shop expansion was in the works. Paramount is proud to have Keagan as its 6th barber. His attention to detail, time and effort he puts into his work shows in every single client that sits in his chair. Keagan put in the effort to be precise, exact and sharp from day one of learning his craft. He listens to his clients and makes sure that they are getting the haircut they envision. Book with Keagan today for a quality service and the professionalism you deserve.